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Born in Siberia, moved around in several different countries with her family growing up made Clara Zhang a true world citizen. Thus she developed a broad cultural understanding and also a very unique sense of esthetics. She made up her mind to be an architect at the age of 14. Besides the cool sound of it, she dreamt about one day walking in the city, passing by a skyscraper and telling someone 'I designed this'. She is still on her way, very focused, very determined, to make her 14-year-old teenage dream come true. 

She is also a product and fashion designer. Her first product design collection will be launched summer 2020.

Besides intense and passionate design hours at work, you can find her biking along the beach on weekends during the day, dancing enjoying life and techno at some warehouses during the night.

About SystematicFramework,

SystematicFramework is a conceptual idea Clara is developing to express her understanding of the world for both life and her professional design career. 

Clara ZHANG 
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